Most of you people haven´t seen my site because it´s only in swedish. So excuse my worthless english. My homepage is called "Psykopatens Punksida" wich in english is: The Psycho´s Punkpage. You can try look at it but you won´t probably understand a shit! So, now psycho starts his own punk award!! This is an award that punk pages (wich are good enough) can get only if they mail their site-adress to me. I won´t go find them myself!! So if you think your page deserves the award then mail me your addres and I´ll check if it does!

These are the page demands of getting psycho´s award:
* Nice page layout...
* No fascist shit, like nazism, rasism, meat eating or other stupid propaganda!
* Updated often!
* And ofcourse, you must have a link to my homepage!! ;)

Nu startar psycho äntligen sitt eget "award" på internet!!! Eller typ, pris eller vad man ska säga på svenska.... Jaja, det ska inte vara så fruktansvärt svårt att vinna tror jag... finns endast ett par små krav som ni ser här nedan. Obs: För att vinna måste man mejla hit sin sid-addres, jag tänker inte leta upp era sidor!

* Snygg sidlayout...
* Inget fascistiskt skit, nazism, rasism eller anti-vegan propaganda!
* Ofta uppdaterad.
* Å såklart, en lenk till min sida måste ju finnas med!! =)

These are the people who have won the award so far / Dom människor som vunnit priset hittils

1. Trollets Strebers sida
2. Jac´s Punk Page
3. Prawker's Punk Page
4. Doughnut Overcook
5. 1945
6. Perras Gulliga Sida
8. The Greeting Card Ninjas

These are the pictures you can choose from, if you win ofcourse!
Award1 Award2 Award3

Email psycho to get the award!!!